Reader - multiple tracking codes

On publications, galleries and apps, the admin field with the Google analytics codes can now containg multiple codes separated by a comma.

Reader InDesign Statistics

We have harmonised the statistics with the PDF

InDesign Plugin, background transparency

Users can now remove the background for InDesign publication so we can see the background color / image / video

Set a publication as a proposal

The option is now at the bottom of the settings page.


Uprez subdomain by default

Clicking on an app or the preview icon opens the Uprez link with the new url: https://app.uprez.fr/

Uprez Editor Multiple selection on PC / Mac amelioration

On mobile devices you enable the multi-selection mode when you tap the icon in the toolbar and select the pages.

On desktop devices you don't have the icon. You can select multiple pages by holding Shift or Ctrl keys. The info popup is hidden on desktop too.

Fix fonts problem in Uprez Editor

A fonts problem when exporting certain editable publications was corrected.

Make it possible to stop tracking in Apps

For apps, we've added a way to disable our default Google Analytics tracking using the admin interface. A checkbox is now available with label : Stop Tracking statistics.

App devices mode

New app devices mode is added to the settings tab of the app